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Approval to sell Gooten products on Amazon

To sell Gooten products on Amazon you'll need a UPC/GTIN exception.

Amazon requires you to provide UPC or GTIN codes for each product, which is a common requirement for a traditional retail business. However, the products created on our platform are all custom and don’t come with UPCs or barcodes. Due to that, you’ll need to request a UPC/GTIN exception from Amazon. 

There are two steps you should take in order to sell Gooten products on Amazon: 

1. Register Your Brand with Amazon (suggested)

Check out the details here. Registering your brand necessitates having a registered trademark in each global region where you want to sell products. 

2. Getting a GTIN Exemption (required)

This is the faster and generally more applicable method for most e-commerce merchants. This page explains how to apply. From there you will:

  • Complete an exemption letter and fill out YOUR name and contact info for both seller and brand fields.
  • Choose “branded products” from the menu and simply enter “I sell private label products.”
  • Choose the following categories as part of the exemption: 1) Clothing; 2) Cell Phone Accessories; 3) Home and Garden; 4) Sports
  • Contact Gooten Partner Support with your completed letter and we’ll provide you with a signature and our manufacturing info.
  • Once you’ve filed for GTIN exemption, you’re ready to move forward selling your custom print-on-demand products on Amazon.

When you obtain a GTIN exemption, follow these steps to add your listing:

  • On the Manage Inventory page, click the Add-a-product button.
  • Click on the Create a New Product button.
  • Find your product's best category by either searching or browsing. If you have been provided exemption on a particular category, please select the appropriate category approved.
  • Once you have selected the most specific product category and further subcategories, click Select.
  • On the page that comes up, please enter all the required product information, as indicated by the asterisks. If your exemption has been granted on a SKU level please ensure that you specify the same SKU for which the GTIN exemption has been approved along with all other mandatory fields marked as * along with  Quantity and Price in the "Offer tab" for "Save and Finish" button to be highlighted. Please leave the Product ID and GTIN field empty while listing the product.

GTIN Exemption does not grant approval in multiple categories, you'll need to reapply for each category you wish to sell. Additionally, you'll also need to reapply for each marketplace separately.