Connecting and adding products with our Shopify integration

Table of contents: 

Connect my store

Connecting your Shopify store is easy.

  1. Download the Gooten app via the Shopify apps store.   
  2. This will take you to the installation page. Sign in to your Gooten account and proceed with the installation. 
  3. To add the store via the Gooten platform, go on your ‘Hub’ page and click the add button.  

add store

Then you can add your myshopify.url and hit submit for installation. 

perfect store


This can be done for however many stores you want to install, but please note that one Shopify store can only be connected to one Gooten account.

Additionally, check out our brief tutorial video: 

Gooten requires you to disable your pop-up blocker when you're trying to connect your Shopify store with us. As the installation button will prompt a pop-up window to appear. Once you connect your store, you can turn the pop-up blocker back on. You can find instructions on how to disable the pop-up blocker here


Add new variants


If you want to add new variants to an already existing listing in your Shopify store, please follow these steps:

  • In Shopify, create/add new variants to link to Gooten. Shopify has a video tutorial that explains the process, and you can find it here. 

  • After saving those newly created variants, go into your Gooten Product Hub for that store, click on Shopify tab and Link Shopify Product

  • Select to link a product name you edited in your store
  • Select the product you are connecting to Gooten

  • Select the SKUs you want to connect to your new variants

  • Once you've connected the variants, click on Start Fulfillment to upload your artwork and go through the rest of the linking process

To see our short video tutorial about linking your existing products, please check out the video below:


Shopify allows up to 100 variants within a product and 250 images associated with a given product. Please check out this article for additional information.


Edit products - Gooten vs. Shopify

You can change the name and the description of the product in your Shopify store directly, or by editing the product in Gooten and moving forward all the way to Publish page. However, editing the product options can’t be done via Hub and you need to adjust it in your store. 

Additionally, while editing, you can adjust the image in any way, or you can add a new image altogether. The design page is all yours. But please note that you can't change SKUs, delete them or add new ones.


Use the Gooten app and Shopify Lite

Our integration works with all Shopify pricing tiers and most of our partners have the Basic Shopify plan. Since that plan doesn't allow for carrier-based shipping options, the best way to set shipping prices would be by weight or by the price of the product.



Unlink products and disconnect my store


Disconnecting all of your products


To disconnect all of your products at once, select all items per page and click Stop Fulfillment. This action will unlink all of your products from Gooten. 



You can also stop fulfillment for one or a couple of products by selecting them individually. 


Disconnecting your Shopify store 


Select the "Log Out: YourStoreName" button on the top right. If you reconnect your store to the same Gooten account in the future, your current products will automatically repopulate.

In order to entirely disconnect the store and the products, you would need to log out of the store and then remove our app from your Shopify admin. That will result in all of the products being disconnected from Gooten.

Please note that removing our app from your store can’t be undone and if you want to start offering Gooten products again, you would need to recreate all products with us from the beginning. 


Connecting your Shopify store to a different Gooten account


Select the "Log Out: YourStoreName" button on the top right and connect it to the different Gooten account to your liking.  Note that this action removes all of your store's products and data from our database and cannot be undone, however, the products will remain in your Shopify store admin account. Your products will no longer be available in the Product Hub, however, you will be able to link them from the store in order to recreate them.

If you log out of your Shopify store in your Gooten account, none of your products will be affected! They will still be available in the Hub and remain connected to Gooten so they can be fulfilled once your customer places an order.