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Creating email templates for order and shipping confirmation

You can set up order and shipping confirmation emails under Settings → Add-ons.

Currently, we offer the ability to customize the following email fields:

  • Order Status Page
  • Order Confirmation Subject Line
  • Shipping Confirmation Subject Line
  • Legalese
  • Support Email Address

Soon we will offer full email template customization.

Templating Syntax

Our emails are templated using Mustache, a lightweight syntax for simple templating. The simplest way to use Mustache is to include variables like this: {{variable_name}}.

Mustache allows conditional rendering, i.e. when a value is not available, a larger part of the template can be prevented from rendering. This is practical for optional parameters.

There are many variables available for use in email templates and in email settings:

  • BusinessName: The name of the partner
  • LogoUrl: a URL pointing to an image of the partner logo
  • OrderId: The full order ID for this order
  • OrderStatusUrl: A URL to check the status of the order (e.g. shipping information)
  • SupportEmail: The email address to contact the company’s support team.
  • OrderTotal: The total the order amounted to, consisting of:
    • ItemsTotal: The sum of all purchased items
    • DiscountAmt: The amount deducted from the OrderTotal
    • Tax: The amount of Tax applied to the ItemsTotal
  • ShippingTotal: The total shipping cost
  • BillingAddress
  • FirstName
  • LastName
    Line1: Address Line 1
  • Line2: Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • PostalCode
  • CountryCode: A country code (e.g. “US”)
  • ShippingAddress => equal to BillingAddress (see above)
  • Shipments: A collection of shipments
  • Index: The index of the shipment described (computed)
  • ShipmentCount: For a given shipment, the number of items (computed)
  • TrackingNumber: A shipment provider’s tracking number
  • TrackingUrl: A URL pointing to a website where the shipping status can be inspected
  • Items: The collection of items/products in each shipment
  • ProductName: The name of the product
  • ImgUrl: A URL pointing to the image of the product
  • SKU: The stock-keeping-unit for the product
  • Price: The displayed product price
  • Quantity: The quantity enumerating the product purchased
  • ShipPrice: The shipping price for this product
  • ArrivalDate: An estimated shipment arrival date for the product
  • Legalese: A legal disclaimer (e.g. copyright information)

If you'd like to receive a copy of the shipping confirmations sent out to your customers, simply go to Settings--> Profile and scroll down to Emails Preferences. There you'll see the option Order and Shipping Notifications. If you turn this on, you will receive an order and shipping confirmation every time a customer of yours submits an order.