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Covid-19 Customer Service Guide

We know doing customer service for your business can be daunting, especially as you grow. The Gooten team aims to make working with us as easy and as transparent as possible.

 Keep reading for some insider tips & tricks on how to work with us and what we can help you achieve!

Start with the Knowledge Base

If you’re new to using Gooten, we recommend that you start by reading through our Knowledge Base. We update and add articles on a weekly basis and we’re always trying to create new content that will be helpful as you continue to grow with us.

Customer Service Best Practices

The Customer Support team works in chronological order, by responding to the oldest emails first.  Our average response time is currently 48-72 hours, due to the high number of emails we are receiving daily.  However, we've got all hands on deck and are working extended hours and weekends, so no email will be left without a response, and every inquiry will be addressed. 

To ensure you are getting the best out of our Support Team, we've created a list of best practices: 

  • Emailing once per order. This will help our team stay focused and well-organized. We have a team of agents working to provide a resolution to every reported issue, and having 2 or 3 agents respond to emails about the same order will prolong the wait times for everyone.
  • Wait for a response after submitting a ticket. When you submit a ticket it gets put into a queue for the agents to pull from (oldest tickets get answered first).  In case you followup to the same email,  your ticket will automatically get updated and pushed to the bottom of the queue again, making it difficult to reach. 
  • Include the following details: If you are reporting an order issue, include the order ID, description of the issue, and a photo of the received product (if a product is in any way faulty). In case you or your customer want a refund for the product instead of a replacement, please note that in your email, so that we can make up for the issue as soon as we reply.  If you’re having problems with getting any of our integrations to work, please include a description and a screenshot (if applicable) of the problem, and the steps that led you to it,  so that our team could troubleshoot and identify the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Check your inbox or spam/junk folder.  If your order was placed on hold, and you are not sure why we likely tried getting in touch with you. We never put orders on hold without notifying our partners. 
  • Regularly check our Coronavirus Status Updates page. We are updating the page every time we get any news on new production and shipping SLAs. If your orders are in production for a while, we've likely posted about the extended production time frames here. Our manufacturing partners print orders on the first-in-first-out principle, but you may occasionally notice that some of your newer orders are shipped, whereas the older ones are still in production. This is because some orders don't pass the quality check and the vendor's team is giving them another go, before shipping them out to your customers. 

Contacting Our Team

So you’ve just started working with Gooten or you have an order issue or a product question, and you need help. How should you contact us?

Submit a ticket to our Partner Support team or send an email to partnersupport@gooten.com 

Partner Support's office hours are 3 am to 5 pm  EST, seven days a week. 

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