Delayed orders

While 98% of Gooten orders are produced within the production timelines quoted in our product catalog, there are a few cases where an order may fall outside of the expected production window. 

                                    Reason for delay                                             Details
The product failed quality control  Manufacturers will immediately reprint an item if it fails quality control. This reprint process may create a 1-2 business day delay as the vendor rechecks the image file, ensures their equipment is in good working order and pushes the reprint through.
Orders placed during high volume seasons (Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays) During high volume seasons, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, orders volumes may double or triple. Our vendors staff up to accommodate these order volumes, but you may still experience 1-2 business day delays in production on occasion. 
Blank products are on back-order Our vendors keep inventory on hand for our most popular colors, models, and sizes of apparel. Occasionally a vendor may have trouble locating additional stock when supplies run low. In these cases, Gooten may move your order to a new manufacturer who is fully stocked, or authorize the use of a substitute blank product (the substitute is of equal or better quality and similar in size, color, and style to the original garment).