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Delete a product

In order to delete a product from your Storage section from the Product Hub, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the product you wish to delete and select it
  2. Once the product has been selected, a toolbar will appear showing the Delete option and you should click on it
  3. Confirm deleting the product by clicking Delete on the pop-up window that appears


When it comes to deleting a product connected to your Shopify, Etsy or WooCommerce store, the steps are the same as described above. However, please note that if you delete a Shopify product from the Product Hub, it will get deleted from your store as well. Such a product will not be available for syncing to our SKUs again. If you change your mind about it, the only way to bring the product back is to create it again, from scratch, via our Product Hub or in your shop's dashboard. The same thing will happen to WooCommerce and Etsy products, provided that these stores were linked to Gooten on or after March 18th 2019.