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Difference between a safe zone and a bleed area

First of all, what is the bleed area? What’s a safe zone? Why do we care about these in printing?

Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe the space in an image that extends beyond what will be physically trimmed to create the product. Image files that contain bleed ensure that products like pillows, which are first printed on and then sewn together, do not have a blank space on the border of your artwork; in other words, your artwork will be printed edge-to-edge. Bleed area gets cut off during the production process, but the safe zone does not. Please note that our cut & sew products are sewn manually, so slight variations between the mockup and the area that is actually cut off in production are to be expected.

All of the design elements you want to have printed should be within the safe zone (shown below) but make sure the bleed area is filled up too: 

Screenshot at Mar 06 14-07-07


The bleed area is the outer dark red area in our product hub and everything within that space will be trimmed off. You should still extend your design to the edge of this area to prevent the appearance of irregular white borders.

The trim line is the outer white dotted line which shows the cut / sew line for the product. You’ll have to extend your design past this line to account for a cutting margin of error. Anything in this area might be trimmed off slightly in some products. 

The safe zone is the inner white dotted line. Any artwork inside this line will not be cropped, so you’ll want to keep all your important content within this white box.