Differences between posters

We offer five different types of posters, and in this article, you will find a description for them and for what purpose each of them is best.

Fine Art Prints

  • Produced in the US

  • Ships worldwide (flat shipping for the US)

  • High-quality weight and archival ink (175 gsm feels like a postcard)

  • More expensive than standard posters due to nicer paper and archival ink quality

  • Ships in a rolled tube and up to 3 posters can be shipped in one tube

  • Best for high-quality designs, especially shipped in the US or Canada

Giclee Art Prints

  • Produced in the UK

  • Ships worldwide

  • Archival ink and extremely high-resolution printing makes this product great for precise imagery and photographs

  • Comes in a large variety of sizes (from photo size to 96” x 48”) on two types of paper - lustre and smooth

  • Heavyweight matte paper (240 gsm) feels like a postcard thickness

  • Ships in a rolled tube

  • Best for high-quality designs shipping outside the US

Wall Clings

  • Produced in the US

  • Flat shipping for the US; not available to ship outside the US

  • Self-adheres to interior walls and can be repositioned or removed easily

  • Design is printed on white substrate 

  • One of the largest sizes of wall art available through Gooten

  • Ships in a rolled tube

  • Best for large art for US customers

Canvas Posters

  • Produced in the US

  • Ships worldwide (flat shipping for the US)

  • A poly-cotton blend which means it can bend without creasing or denting; the most durable of all posters

  • Matte print with archival ink - has a canvas texture

  • Ships in a rolled tube

  • Best for: Customers who want durability without framing and like the textured look and feel


  • Produced in the US, UK, India, and Australia

  • Ships worldwide from the US or UK; ships from India to India; ships from Australia to Australia, China, Hong Kong, and South Korea

  • Economic option with the lightest weight paper up to a thicker postcard stock weight

  • Posters produced in the UK offer most options of size and paper weight; posters produced in India and Australia are most limited on sizes and weights

  • Ships in a rolled tube

  • Best for a low-cost option