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Duplicating a Product

Duplicating products allows you to speed up the product creation process when you’re creating multiple of the same product.

You can duplicate products in your Product Hub by selecting the product you want to copy and selecting the “duplicate product” option.


Duplicating a product will create an exact replica of the product including your SKU selections, artwork, and mockups. As well as any store information you filled out like the description, pricing, tags, and collections. The duplicated product will default as a draft.

You will be navigated to the Product details page for your new product so you can easily edit the product details, artwork, and/or mockups.


If you want to activate your product in your sales channels so that it’s available for purchase, toggle on the stores you wish to publish the product to, and uncheck “Push to store as draft” on each of the product information pages for each store.


Or you can simply keep it as a draft and activate it later.

Note: You cannot save a product to your Gooten Storage with the same product name. We will append “(copy)” to any products in Storage with the same name.