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Gooten's Customer Support Policies

Gooten has a team of friendly, knowledgeable Support Specialists ready to help you with any order issue.

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Returns, exchanges, and refunds


Lost packages

Stolen or missing packages

Returns, exchanges, and refunds

If your customer changes their mind and wants to return or exchange their item, refunding the order or replacing the product is entirely at your discretion. Gooten doesn't accept returned products and, due to the one-off and highly personalized nature of print on demand, we do not maintain stock to exchange items. 


While we want every order to be perfect, mistakes sometimes happen. If there is a manufacturing mistake during printing or an item is damaged during shipping, we want to hear about it. Please reach out to our Support Team with a photo of the damaged product, a description of the issue, and the order number. We'll issue a reprint and ship a new product to your customer at no cost to you. Please note that all complaints regarding product quality should be reported within two months of purchase.

Lost packages

Gooten will reprint and reship a new order at no charge to you if your order appears lost in transit.

Lost in transit: The tracking number shows the item was picked up from the manufacturer, but the tracking information has not shown movement for seven business days.

The reprint will be issued using the original shipping address and the shipping method. However, you have the option of upgrading the shipping method by paying the difference between the original shipping method and the new one):

  • Standard shipping - up to 12 business days
  • Expedited shipping - up to 5 business days
  • Overnight shipping - up to 2 business days
  • International shipping - typically up to 21 business days*

Delivery issues should be reported within two months of purchase.

Lost international orders

International deliveries are shipped via DHL and are usually completed within 1-3 weeks. However, packages may take up to 21 business days to reach their final destination. International deliveries do not provide consistent tracking updates, and this may cause a shipment to appear stalled on the delivery route. Other factors that may extend the delivery window:

  • The package is handled by multiple carriers, including handoff off to local post offices
  • Local customs department processing times vary depending on the country and declared value
  • Carrier work stoppages, like strikes
  • Inclement weather along the delivery route

Due to these variables, we cannot provide a guaranteed delivery date for international deliveries. 

If your international order has not arrived at the delivery location by the 21st business day, please reach out to our Support Team so we can arrange a replacement at no cost to you. The reprint will be issued using the original shipping address and the shipping method.

Incorrect shipping information

If you or your customer enter an incorrect or incomplete address,  the package will be returned to the vendor and may be reshipped at your cost. If you would like to place a new order to reduce the final delivery time, this is at your discretion.  

Please note that if the package is returning to the original sender (any of our vendors) due to an incorrect address, and it gets lost on its way back, Gooten is not able to cover the cost of the replacement order. 

Stolen or missing packages

If the tracking information for an order shows the package was delivered, a reprint or a refund is at your discretion. We recommend contacting your customer for a new, secure location for final delivery.