Manual approval

Gooten reviews the images you submit for your first few orders to ensure your images will print correctly.

Once you sign up with Gooten, your first several orders will automatically be set to Review First. This means that they will be reviewed by our Partner Support Team before being pushed to production. Our support team reviews details such as image clarity, the content material, image wrap issues, cropping,  and copyright infringement. If an order does not match the correct image specifications that will affect the integrity of the image, we will place the order on hold and contact you to edit the image.

If your order has been put on hold by someone at Gooten, that is because our Support Team found something wrong with the image you submitted. The image was either too low quality, submitted with incorrect orientation, had the wrong size, or had the potential of being cropped during the production. You will receive an email from our support team with an explanation of why the order is on hold and how to fix it. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder to see if our email ended up there.

Please note that after your first 3-5 orders have been successfully pushed into production, your account settings will be automatically switched to automatic fulfillment. That way, all of your future orders will go into production without being reviewed by us. They will stay in Pending status for a limited amount of time, and after that, they will be sent to production automatically.