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Manufacturer locations and production times

We've created an extensive network of manufacturing partners aimed at providing you with reduced costs and fasting production and shipping times.

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Manufacturing locations

Production times


Manufacturer locations


At Gooten, we believe in shared ownership of machines and utilizing the spare capacity to keep costs low. As a result, we partner with the best vendors who are experts at producing a wide variety of products found in our Product Catalog. Most of our products are printed in the United States and have a worldwide distribution. We do have a few international manufacturers to expedite delivery and lower the shipping cost for your international customers. We'll be expanding our network of international manufacturers through 2020.

We work with 35 print vendors across 40 different manufacturing locations. 

You can check which products are shipped from which manufacturing facility in this document.

Production Times


Give your customers the right information. For the latest production time frames, please check the updated production times page for COVID-19 related production delays.  

The production time for most of our products is 3-4 business days. To find the production time for a specific product, please check out our Product Catalog. You'll also find shipping information, pricing, print specs, and product information in our catalog listings.



Production times begin on the first business day after your order is placed. If your order is placed on Monday and the product has a four day production time, you should see the order ship on Friday. Find more about the production times here.  

Many of our manufacturers offer extended sizes and color options that require them to order the blank item and have it delivered. These items are 'Non-Stock' items and typically take an extra 3 business days in production. You'll find a complete list of Stock and Non-Stock colors and sizes under each apparel item in this spreadsheet.