Offer customizable products

Offer customizable products in your store by following these simple steps.

These are the steps to follow if you're selling custom products on Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce, and you're using Gooten to automate the order fulfillment.

  1. Connect your store to Gooten
  2. Navigate to Settings - Fulfillment - Hold Items For Customization, click Enabled, and then click the Update Fulfillment Settings button:customization 

This feature will set your entire account, and all stores connected to it for customizable orders.

3.  Create products or link existing ones via the Product Hub or in your Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce dashboard. You can use any image you want as a placeholder for these products, as you'll be editing your images before they go into production. Please note that we recommend using easily distinguishable placeholder images, to avoid mixing the custom orders up with the regular ones.

4.  After you link products to us, orders will start flowing into Gooten, and you'll be able to view them on the Orders page.

5.  Your account must be set to immediate fulfillment for the customization process to work. You can find more information about this setting here. 

6.  All of your Shopify orders (both customizable and regular ones) will automatically go into the NeedsCustomization status. Orders will remain in this status until the image is changed or you push the order into production.

Sending items to production

Customizable Items: 

  1. Click into an order from the Gooten Orders page
  2. Navigate to the Images tab
  3. Click Upload Custom Image
  4. Add as many custom images to that order as you need (Note: you'll be able to add custom images for each product's print space or for multiple items within the order)
  5. When you're done updating images for an order, navigate to the Status tab and select the items you want to move to production
  6. Change the status of these items to Send to Production

Non-Customizable Items:

For orders that don't require custom artwork, please follow these steps to send the order into production:

  1. Click into an order from the Gooten Orders page
  2. Navigate to the Status tab
  3. Select the items that you want to send to production
  4. Change the status of these items to Send to Production

If you have multiple orders not requiring customization, you can send them to production in bulk:

It's not necessary to re-upload the image into an order that doesn't require customization. Standard orders will sit in the NeedsCustomization status until you push them into production.

Orders may stay in the NeedsCustomization status for up to 45 days, at which point they can no longer be submitted to our manufacturer. Orders older than this must be canceled, and a new order should be submitted.