Order issues

There a few issues that can prevent the orders from being sent to production or getting delivered to your customers, and in this article, we have listed the reasons that typically cause these problems, and how to prevent or correct them.

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My order is in Address Issue status


When you submit an order to our system, our validation tool automatically checks the delivery address and suggests changes or corrections in case they are necessary. 

We utilize the FedEx address verification system, which we've seen significantly cut down, or flag any problems with the shipping addresses at the time of order submission. It has a 90% catch rate. 

That said, there are still address issues that happen from time to time. Please note that you can choose to ignore the address suggestion if you’re confident that the address you’ve entered is correct.

Once the address is corrected or the suggested edit is ignored, the order status will be updated. 

Keep in mind that our manufacturers accept up to 35 characters per Address Line and that all addresses need to be submitted in the English alphabet. Please note that Gooten is not responsible for covering the costs of a replacement order in case the address is not submitted in this format.

My order is in Image Issue status


Orders can get stuck in this status as soon as they are submitted, due to various reasons that include but are not limited to

  • Incorrect color profile - CMYK or Index instead RGB
  • Broken image links
  • Special characters in the file name such as ~ ^ #
  • Server issues
  • Google Drive links

Our Partner Support Team checks orders in this status daily and does their best to correct the issues and push the orders to production. When we are not able to resolve the issue, we will put the order on hold, and contact you via email.

My order is in Vendor API Issue status


VendorAPIIssue status means that either there is a temporary outage between our and the manufacturer's API, or that there is an issue with the submitted image, and our team needs to make adjustments to push it through.

Either way, our Data team is handling the orders that end up in VendorAPIIssue status daily, and most of the time, no action on your side is required.

On rare occasions where the image must get replaced, we will put your order on hold and send you an email with an explanation of why the order is on hold and how to fix it.


My order is in Shipping Issue status


When you notice that one of your orders is in Shipping Issue status, the best place to start is the Shipment tab inside the order and the tracking link. Orders can get stuck in this status due to reasons that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Incorrect or incomplete shipping address
  • Delays caused by carrier issues, closed business addresses, no safe place to leave the package
  • Packages being destroyed by the shipping carrier due to a damaged that occurred in transit
  • Packages that are returning to Gooten or out Vendors

When this issue occurs, we recommend reaching out to the customer and having them confirm their shipping address, to make sure no essential information was mistyped or omitted from the address provided at the time of placing the order. If the customer's address is a match to the one inside the order, please reach out to the Partner Support Team, and we will do our best to rectify the issue in accordance with our policies.