Order statuses

Below is a list and an explanation of the various statuses you may see on orders in your Gooten Admin:

Table of contents

Order statuses before production

  • New: The order was just submitted. Normally, this status lasts for a few seconds.
  • Needs Customization - If you wish to offer customizable products through Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce, NeedsCustomization is a way to go! You can enable this feature in your Settings -> Fulfillment by ticketing the Enable box Hold Items For Customization section. Note that this setting doesn't work with orders that are submitted manually, and if your account is on the Manual Review process. For more information about how the feature works with customized orders, check this article
  • Ready For Image Dl: This is a status each order goes through. It means that the image is ready for download. It usually takes less than a minute, and during this time, our system is generating the submitted images.
  • Needs Manual Approval: Orders are being held for review by the Gooten Support Team to ensure your images are up to spec and will print correctly. Our team will check your images incorrect cropping, poor quality, aspect ratio errors, transparent areas, and address issues before releasing it to production. If we find an issue, we'll place your order on hold and reach out via email.

The Manual Approval Process is a service we provide to new partners to ensure the images they upload will print correctly and the order contains no errors, like an incorrect address. This service is only provided for the first 3-5 orders. You can learn more about the Manual Approval Process here.

  • Pending: The order is in a waiting period, and some changes (updating the address, changing images, and canceling the order) may still happen. The waiting period can last between 0 and 99 hours, and you may change this in your Settings → Fulfillment. The order is sent to production automatically at the end of the pending period. Please note that that this setting only works if your account is set to Immediate Fulfillment. More about this setting can be found in our article about Manual Approval.
  • Test: You may switch your orders to this status any time you are placing an order as a test, through our API or via Custom Order Form. 
  • Hold: The order has been placed on hold by you or Gooten's Partner Support Team due to an issue. Whenever the order is placed on hold by our team, you will be notified about the issue via email.
  • Canceled: The order has been canceled, usually by you updating the status. Note that the order can only be canceled before it is sent to production.
  • Ready For Accounting: Your order is in a queue for the payment to be security-checked and processed. The payment will be processed shortly. 
  • Ready For Print:  This status exists between Pending or Needs Manual Approval and In production/Printing.  The order has been paid for and is on the way to production.

In production and post-production statuses


  • In Production: The order has been sent to the manufacturer to be produced.
  • Manually In Production: A member of the Gooten staff has pushed the order into production.
  • Printing: The manufacturer has received the order and is in the process of printing it. Please note that not all orders will reach this status. They can stay In Production and still be printed.
  • Canceled Refunded: The order has been canceled, and a refund has been issued to you or the customer.
  • Billed Refunded: The order was not produced, or it was pulled from shipping per your request, and a refund was issued
  • Shipped: The manufacturer has shipped the order. You can see its current status in the Shipment tab in each of your Shipped orders
  • Out For Delivery: The order is on the vehicle for delivery. 
  • Delivered: The order has been delivered to the specified address.

Payment Issues 


  • Pre-Payment: The customer selected PayPal as the payment method, but the transaction has not been completed.
  • Payment Issue: There was an error in processing your payment. Payment issues usually occur when the order is submitted before you add your credit/debit card/Paypal account and set up your billing address in Settings --> Billing.  Orders may also be held in this status if the payment was declined. Once a card is added or updated, our system will reattempt the charge. Orders may stay in this status for up to 15 days before it can no longer be recharged or sent to production. For more information on our billing practices, we recommend this link. 

Order issues


  • Image Issue: There is a problem with the submitted image, and we are not able to push the order to production unless the issue is resolved. You can find out more about this status here.
  • Hold By Image Issue: Items with this status are part of an order that has one or more other items in ImageIssue status. Those items are supposed to be produced by the same vendor, and cannot go through to production until all image issues are resolved.
  • Address Issue: We were unable to verify the customer’s address because our system raised an address validation error. If the Partner Support Team is not able to correct the address, the order will be placed on Hold, and we will reach out to you via email. Find out more about this status here.
  • Vendor API Issue: There was a problem connecting to the manufacturer’s API. Our Data team will try to resolve this error, and if they are unable to do so, the order will be placed on Hold, and we will reach out to you.   More information about the status can be found in this article.
  • Shipping Issue: There was a problem with shipping this order. For details, please open the tracking link from the Shipment tab inside the order.  You can find more information about reasons that can cause the order to get stuck in this status here