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Packaging types

Most of our orders are poly-bagged. You can check the packaging type in our product catalog:



Unfortunately, we are not able to include messages, gift cards, birthday wishes, or notes for similar occasions in the packages. All items are shipped directly from the manufacturing facilities, and they do not offer such services due to the volume of orders processed and lack of capacity to accommodate personal requests. 


Combine separate orders in one package


Each order is shipped as submitted, and we are not able to consolidate multiple orders into one shipment.

If you are ordering products from the same vendor and the products are submitted under one order number, those products are likely to be shipped together.

However, please note that sometimes even the items from the same order won't be sent together, as we work with multiple manufacturing facilities and not all items are produced in the same place. Items should all be delivered in the same 2-3 day window.

Some of our partners choose to make it clear on their website that orders are not guaranteed to be delivered together as they may come from different print locations.

Declared value on international packages


Orders fulfilled through Gooten and shipped to an international destination can have one of two declared values -- either the production cost of the product (which is typically the lowest cost and doesn't correspond with the price you charged your customer) or an average retail cost of the product (which is the price we generally tend to use when declaring customs value).

What cost will be declared depends on the jurisdiction the package is being shipped out to, as each country has a specific set of rules that deal with this particular topic. 

We support shipping to over 170 countries and 140 products and we rely on our vendors and shipping agents to declare the value in accordance with the rules of the destination country. That being said, Gooten has little to no control over the value that's going to be declared on the package, as that is handled by our vendor network and shipping agents. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate requests to declare a specific value on packages.