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Payment, pricing and taxes

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There are no setup or monthly fees associated with Gooten, and we only charge you for products that are manufactured and shipped. 



You can view pricing for all of our products in our product catalog. The prices listed include the cost of the good + the cost to print your custom design. For example, you pay us $9.79 for a black Bella 3001 t-shirt with your design printed on the front. You can then sell that product for however much you want! You set your own margins and you only pay Gooten to have the product produced and shipped. 

We offer volume-based discounts to partners generating $250,000+ USD in revenue through our platform. If you believe you qualify for this discount, please contact our Partner Support team


Order receipt


Preparing a receipt for all orders placed during a certain time period is a simple process and easily tracked on your Gooten admin page, which is why we don’t provide detailed invoices to partners.


Just follow these (4) steps:

1. Log into your Gooten Admin account

2. Go to the Reports section of the admin panel:

csv export

3. You will be brought to the ‘CSV Export’ screen. On this screen you can:

  • Choose the beginning and end date of the period you would like to cover
  • Filter for only certain order statuses you would like to include 
  • Choose how detailed you want your summary to be by filtering out certain ‘Columns’

4. Once you have chosen the details you want to include in your invoice, click on ‘Export’. When the system has finished processing your file, click ‘Download’ to export the file to your desktop.

Additionally, if you want to access your billing history and the receipts associated with your account, you can find that information under Settings --> Billing.

Currency rate conversion 


Our system updates the Forex spot rate (the current exchange rate)  daily, based on the actual rate, converting from USD to the desired currency.

All of our billings occur in USD, therefore the rate applied will always be the spot rate on the date of billing.  If you are on credit terms, and you're using PayPal to settle your bill on a weekly basis, there will be slight changes to the amounts billed, depending on the billing date vs. the date of payment.  

At the moment, we do not support any currency settings in the Gooten admin panel. 


Taxes and customs duties with Gooten


Gooten does not include taxes in our US product prices, nor do we collect taxes from you as Gooten is the software that routes and powers your orders, not the seller. 

We cannot advise on how to collect or what to charge for taxes and suggest that you consult an accountant due to the complexity of the issue. These are unique to each business, based on your business situation. 

In many cases, the situation revolves around each specific state’s sales tax code and its definition of “nexus”, or which transactions your business is required to collect and remit taxes for. A nexus could be created by your home office location, the place that you store inventory, where personnel does business for you outside of your home office, or even where an affiliate that markets your business is located. Some states, such as California, consider nexus based on as few as 10 days spent physically in the state doing business.  

Because there are 50 different state definitions of nexus (and countless other city and local definitions), there is no one “right” answer.  A good rule of thumb, though - no matter what your tax liability, if you collect sales taxes, you must remit those sales taxes to the state collected, even if it turns out you it wasn’t a taxable transaction.  

This guide by TaxJar provides a good overview to better understand the collection of taxes for e-commerce retailers. 

Each state has different sales tax nexus definitions so it’s important that you are familiar with your local definitions and the definitions of anywhere you ship to. If you are currently using Shopify, sales taxes are calculated and charged by the Shopify checkout.  For Partners on other platforms, there are good software solutions, like TaxJar and Avalara, that can take care of the complexities of sales tax collection.

Please always check and double-check the amount of sales tax that you are charging your customers.


When it comes to international orders, there is no general rule when custom duties and taxes are applied, and this differs from country to country. Some countries even require you to list the sales tax in the product price (like when selling into the UK). They depend on the destination country limits, package value, and other factors based on the product itself - and should be covered by the recipient as Gooten is not responsible for covering them.

When setting your retail prices or manually editing them, please keep in mind that customs agencies often calculate duties/fees based on the declared retail price.


If you're a Shopify user, that platform provides you two different options to charge taxes to your customers:

  • Taxes already included in the cost of the product
  • Charge taxes based on US Shipping rates

We've seen the first option as the most popular selection for our partners and recommend building taxes into your margins.

Gooten, Inc and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.