Payment, shipping and fulfillment with Shopify integration


Table of contents: 

Payment process


When a customer places an order through your Shopify store, you'll receive the direct payment from them into your Shopify account. Once the order is processed, Gooten will charge the cost of the order (product + shipping) to your credit/debit card or your Paypal account. Find out how you can add your billing information here.  

You can view pricing for all of our products in our Product Catalog and estimate shipping costs in our Shipping Calculator. The product prices listed in our catalog include the cost of the good + the cost to print your custom design. For example, you pay us $9.79 for a black Bella 3001 t-shirt with your design printed on the front. You can then sell that product for however much you want!

If you decide to set up free shipping for your products in Shopify, it is not necessary to do it in Gooten too. All of your Shopify orders are sent to Gooten automatically using the standard shipping option (unless you're using Advanced Shipping Rules), and we will charge you for standard shipping cost regardless of how much you charge your customers.

There are no membership or hidden fees for using Gooten.


Configuring my account


To ensure that Gooten automatically receives and fulfills your orders, and to avoid missed fulfillment orders, you should make sure to configure the following settings:

  • Turn automatic fulfillment off in your Shopify store - go to Settings --> Checkout. In Order Processing section, look for the settings with the label "After an order has been paid". Select "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items".

  • Make sure you’re capturing payment (we only get orders in Gootenwhen the Shopify system marks them as paid
  • If you do not collect your customers' emails and phone numbers at checkout, we will use a placeholder phone number and email address
  • Make sure the Gooten product you're selling is available and hasn't been discontinued 

  • Use shipping address validation tools (and please note that the shipping address can't be longer than 35 characters)

  • Check which country your product ships to -- not all Gooten products ship to every country

  • Use payment methods supported by Gooten, including credit card, PayPal, and Stripe -- we will process all paid orders from all plug-ins in Shopify

  • Make sure that Gooten is the set fulfillment service for each variant you want to offer through us

If you have set up all of the settings mentioned above correctly, there should be no delays in receiving and processing your orders on our end, allowing us to fulfill and deliver the orders to your customers quickly.


Shopify's Edit Order feature

Please note that some of the changes you make to products in the existing Shopify orders, may not reflect on orders in the Gooten admin panel. Once paid, the order will come into our system and will move to Pending Fulfillment status in Shopify admin. At this point, the number of changes you can make in Shopify becomes limited. With that said, Shopify will still allow you to add some new items or change the item quantity. However, please note that we are currently unable to synchronize such order updates and have them appear in the existing orders within our admin panel.

Set up shipping costs

Guide to Shipping


1. Select Products and Variants

After you've figured out what general types of products you'd like to sell with Gooten, you need to choose which variants of those products will be available in your store. Because we have such an extensive, global network of vendors, there are many product variants to choose from.

You can filter these product variants based on the product size, material, and other product options available under the Product Costs section in the Product Catalog.


2. Find Ship Prices  

After you've figured out which products and variants of those products you'd like to sell, you should consult our shipping pricing document to form a baseline price for what you wish to charge your customers. You can check out the shipping prices in our Shipping Calculator

If you plan on offering a product with flat shipping rates, like apparel, infant products, or small accessories, check out this article for pricing details. We're working to transition all of our products to a flat shipping model, so please bear with us while our Accounting team does that math and simplifies the pricing! 

If you are interested in offering your products internationally, please note that the shipping costs are higher, delivery times are longer (can be up to 21 business days,) and not all products have consolidated shipping (meaning they ship in the same box). We recommend partners create separate International Shipping Zone in Shopify if they anticipate many international orders. Doing so should help ensure your customers are adequately charged and aware of the delivery time frames.

3. Set up Retail Ship Prices in Shopify

There are four ways to tackle setting up Shopify shipping rates:

1. Advanced Shipping Rules 

The easiest option would be using Advanced Shipping Rules, an app that gives you a seemingly endless list of shipping options you can choose. The best part is they enable you to fetch rates directly from Gooten, and the amount of work you need to do to make it happen is incredibly minuscule. To learn more about setting this app up in your store, please keep reading. 

2. Weight-based option

When using the ''Weight based'' option, it's essential to bear in mind that we are using different carriers for different products, and that the consolidated shipping price of the products is not unique and cannot be precisely calculated only by product weight.

Please note that Gooten is not responsible for any pricing discrepancies if you select this method and that we are not able to offer product weights for every SKU from our catalog. Also, we highly recommend using either the Advanced Shipping Rules app or one of the other few shipping options Shopify offers.

If you'd still like to use this option, this is how you can set up your weight-based shipping method:

  • Log into your Shopify store and go to Settings --> Shipping
  • Navigate to the Zones and rates section, click Edit next to the shipping zone that you want to add the rate to or create a new zone if need be 
  • Click on Add rate in the Weight based rates section
  • Select a Name for that particular shipping and please note that the name will be visible to the customers at the checkout
  • Under Range, enter the minimum and maximum weight values for the rate - this rate will apply to the orders that fall between these values
  • When you proceed to the Rate section, set up the shipping price in the Rate amount field - this is the shipping cost you will charge your customer
  • Click Done and then Save and the bottom of the page

Check out the video below for more information about setting up your Shopify shipping options:

Setting up Shopify shipping rates I Gooten

3. Shipping rates by product price

Shopify allows you to set the shipping price based on the cost of orders you receive, so you can choose which price triggers which shipping rate.

4. Free Shipping

  • Our partners use and most commonly recommend this option. By including the shipping costs in the price of the product, you can remove one more purchasing barrier between you and your customer. These products seem more attractive to the customer, as it often happens that the shipping prices appearing at the checkout is the point at which the potential customers drop off without finalizing the purchase.

Please know all your Shopify products will be, by default, fulfilled via the Standard delivery method if you're not using the Advanced Shipping Rules app. 


Set up Advanced Shipping Rules app


Advanced Shipping Rules is an app that gives you a seemingly endless list of shipping options you can choose. The best part is they enable you to fetch rates directly from Gooten and set up the shipping for your store in a matter of minutes!

To start using this app, please follow the steps below: 

  • Go to the Shopify app store and install both Gooten and Advanced Shipping Rules apps. 

  • Create products in the Gooten Hub and publish them to your store

  • Once you’ve created the products, Gooten will automatically create a fulfillment service "Gooten" and automatically assign all Gooten products to it

  • In the Advanced Shipping Rules app, go to Sync tab, and click Sync Fulfillment Services

  • On the main page of the app, you'll now see a section for Gooten, where you can manage the rates from Gooten. Gooten's rates will automatically be there.

If you don’t want to use all of the rates Gooten is offering (and we usually offer Standard and Expedited, while Overnight is also an option for a limited number of products), you have a choice of disabling the ones you don’t need by following these steps:

  • In the Advanced Shipping Rates app, next to the Gooten group, click Edit Rates

  • Edit the rate you want to disable

  • In the top right there is a red link Disable Method, click on it

  • Click Save

    The method will still appear in the methods list (in your store’s backend), but you will now see an orange Disabled badge next to it, and the customers won’t see it as an option. 

Additionally, you can change the rate title, add a percentage or flat rate mark-up (use a negative value to mark-down), and add a free shipping override if you’d like.

Once you’ve made all of the changes you want, you’re ready to start selling!


Set up Shopify email notifications

Shopify automatically sends order confirmation emails to whoever places the order. Once the order is marked as fulfilled in our system, Shopify will automatically pull the shipping information from our system and send a shipping notification email to your customer.

Orders change from unfulfilled to fulfilled once they are shipped out by the vendor.  You can monitor the status of your orders by logging into your Gooten account. The Gooten Vendor Integrations team also monitors all orders on our platform daily. 

You can set these in your Shopify admin panel under Settings>>Notifications:


If you choose to enable email notifications in Gooten as well, please note that your customers will receive notifications from both Shopify and Gooten (depending on how you set your notifications in Gooten backend). We suggest enabling only one of those two options, for example, enable notifications from Shopify and disable notifications from Gooten:

settings add ons


However, we also recommend enabling the option for Gooten email notifications to be sent directly to you and not the customer, so you can easily keep track of your orders.

If you would like multiple members of your team to receive the notifications, they can enable it in their Profile settings in the same way:

profile settings


Stop fulfillment for a product

To disconnect all of your products at once, select all items per page and click Stop Fulfillment. This action will unlink all of your products from Gooten. (5) (5)

You can also stop fulfillment for one or a couple of products by selecting them individually. 


Unlink all my Shopify Products from Gooten


Select the "Log Out: YourStoreName" button on the top right. If you reconnect your store to the same Gooten account in the future, your current products will automatically repopulate.

If you simply log out of your Shopify store in the Product Hub, none of the products you have created will be affected. They will still be connected to Gooten and will be fulfilled as if you were logged in.


In order to entirely disconnect the store and the products, you would need to log out of the store and then remove our app from your Shopify admin. That will result in all of the products being disconnected from Gooten.

Please note that removing our app from your store can’t be undone and if you want to start offering Gooten products again, you would need to recreate all products with us from the beginning.