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There are a few different ways you, as a Gooten partner, can place an order in your Gooten admin panel, either a sample for yourself or on behalf of your customers. All orders submitted this way will be charged to your Credit Card/PayPal.

Table of contents: 


Swatches and samples


Due to the nature of the POD business and the fact that we do not print in-house, we are not able to offer fabric swatches. However, there are several articles in the Product Catalog section of our Knowledge Base, where you can find more details about some of our popular products. 

We recommend that, before creating products in your store, you invest in some samples. Ordering samples will allow you to check the quality of our products, see if they meet your expectations and if they are a good fit for your brand. We suggest always using high-quality images that you plan on using for your products later on. If the products meet your requirements, you will be able to put them to good use. Some of the benefits would be taking the photos of the products for your online store, putting them on display if you own a retail space, or even selling them once you open up your shop!


Order via Custom Order Form 


The simplest way to submit an order is by using our Custom Order Form. This form will allow you to create one-off orders whether you're submitting them for yourself or on your customers' behalf.  Click the Place an Order tab on the left side of your Gooten admin panel,  to get started and select one of three available options:

COF landing copy

1. Create a new product

This option will allow you to create a new product from scratch.


After adding one product to the cart, you can use the Add more products to cart option to create some more products or add existing ones. All three categories of products - Create a New Product, Reorder Products and Saved Products -  can be used for creating one order. 


While at the checkout, you can save the shipping address for future orders, by ticking the Save this address for later box, which will allow you to quickly choose the same address the next time you're ordering via Custom Order Form.

 2. Saved Products

If you already created one or more products using our Product Hub, and you want to order them,   our new and improved Saved Products feature is the way to go!

This feature allows adding multiple products from different product categories to your cart quickly, in just a few clicks. Saved products are now displayed in sections, which allows selecting one or more variants (product options), or all variants at once. It's also possible to combine different product categories, and in case you change your mind about some of the variants, you can easily unselect them, before adding anything to the cart.  

In case you have a wide variety of products in your Product Hub, our search bar makes it easy to find them by title, variant, collections, tags, and product name. It's even possible to sort the products product title, by the date created and the date they were last modified. 


All of the changes that can be made in the cart, before submitting the order apply to this process as well. 

3. Reorder Products

If you previously placed an order with Gooten, and you want to reorder it, choose the "Reorder Product" option: 

Even though you are reordering the same item, you can change the quantity, add or remove products from the cart, change their quantity,  update the shipping address and change the shipping method. 


Order from Product Hub


Ordering from the Product Hub is easy and you can use this option to order any of your previously created and saved products. These products can be saved to the Storage, but you can also order items that you're previously published in your Shopify, Etsy and/or WooCommerce store.  


When ordering from the Hub, the design doesn't have to remain the same and you can feel free to use the Edit option to replace the artwork, before proceeding to your cart: 


edit img


This step will take you back to the Design page in the Product Hub. However, it is also possible to make changes to your design once you add the product to the cart and even add more products.  The page is all yours, just as if you were creating a product from scratch for any other one-off order. 

Order via CSV


If you wish to save time and submit multiple orders at once  (bulk-order) on behalf of your customers or place an order that should be shipped to a military address, our CSV order import is a way to go. 

Start by logging into your Gooten account and navigating to the "CSV Order Import" tab on the left. There, you'll find a CSV template to download and fill out.


csv order import

Here are some general conditions that need to be fulfilled before the orders can be successfully  submitted:

  • The file you will be uploading needs to be a CSV file

  • The first row includes headers. Please do not edit any of the headers

  • Each row below the headers will include a separate order item

  • Each order item submitted will be included in the same order if all of your Reference Order Numbers are the same

Filling out the CSV


The CSV template requires the following columns, in this order:

  1. ReferenceOrderNumber: Your reference number for this order. If you don’t have internal order numbers, you can use a placeholder (e.g. 1000)

  2. ReferenceOrderItemNumber: Your reference number for this order item. You can use a placeholder here as well. If you wish to submit one order with three items, Reference Order Number should be the same in all three rows, but the Order Item Numbers should be different. Here is an example of a CSV that contains two orders with a different number of items:

    csv scrshot
  3. ShippingMethod: We offer Standard and Expedited for almost all of our products, as well as Overnight for a limited number of products. We typically recommend using Standard as the shipping method and avoid using Overnight shipping if you are submitting orders that should be shipped to military addresses and/or internationally. 

  4. FirstName: The first name of the recipient for this order.

  5. LastName: The last name of the recipient for this order.

  6. ShippingLine1: The first address line for this order (e.g. a building number and the name of the street)

  7. ShippingLine2: The second address line for this order (e.g. an apartment number)

  8. City: The city for shipping this order.

  9. State/Province: The state/province for shipping this order.

  10. Zip: The zip/region code for shipping this order.

  11. CountryCode: The two-letter country code.

  12. ShippingEmail: The customer's email address. You can use your own instead if you haven't collected the customer's email.

  13. ShippingPhone: The customer's phone number. You can use your own instead if you haven't collected the customer number or just add a random sequence of numbers (e.g. 1111111111)

  14. FriendlySKU: The Gooten SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the product being ordered. For example, the SKU for the Gooten's white Bella 3001 t-shirt in size L and with the print on both sides is Apparel-DTG-TShirt-Bella-3001-L-White-Mens-CFCB.

  15. OutputURL: The URL to the design you wish to have printed. Please note that the image size needs to match the required image size for a specific product and that we recommend using Dropbox to store your designs and share the URLs.  The URL link needs to be a direct link to the files.  If the product requires more than one image, like a double-sided product, include all of the URLs for the product on the same line like this: url1;url2;url3. No spaces are allowed.

    Replace  “www.dropbox.com” with “dl.dropboxusercontent.com” and delete everything after .JPG/.PNG to get a correct link format. To find out what are the required image sizes, please check out our Product Catalog.

  16. Quantity: The quantity of this SKU you would like to order in this item.

  17. ThumbnailURL: An optional field that contains the URL of the thumbnail image for this order item. You can use the same link as for the Output URL or just leave the field blank. 

Here is a short guide for filling out and uploading a CSV file:

Please find an example of a filled out CSV here, and if you have any questions, reach out to our friendly Partner Support team.