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Setting up my account

Gooten makes it easy to control your account settings, including adding team members, adding a billing method, and updating contact information.

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Set up your profile & logo


Once you sign up with Gooten, you can update your profile information in Settings -> Profile.

Add your name, email address, and your company logo. The information you add here is used to verify your account, and we'll use this email address to get in touch with you for any billing or order related issues. 


profile info

On the same page, you can also set up your email preferences. We recommend enabling then Occasional emails from Gooten option, to stay informed about product updates and new features.

You can also choose to receive Order and Shipping notifications each time a customer submits an order. 

emails Scroll further down and you'll find two additional options - Password and Advanced Settings. 

  • To change your password, you will need to confirm your current one:


Deactivate my Account

To deactivate your account use the Show button to expand the Advanced Settings section and enter your email address and password. Our team will receive your request and disable the account within 48 hours.pass


Your account may be reactivated within 30 days of account closure. To reopen your account please contact partnersupport@gooten.com with your account name and email address.

    Change my business name


    Changing your Business Name (the name of your Gooten account) is easy. All you need to do is:


    Add my billing information


    Your account must be secured via a credit/debit card or a Paypal account before your orders will be processed. Your payment method will be charged once your order moves to production.

    Complete your billing set up by filling out both the Billing Address and Credit Card/ Paypal Information tabs under the Billing tab. We accept all major credit cards.

    Settings - Billing address

    Gooten does not charge your customers directly.  All payments from your customers are to be collected by you.

    Once the order is pushed to production, we charge your selected method of payment for the order total (item + shipping cost listed in the Gooten catalog, not the price you charge your customers).
    Information about product pricing can be found in our Product Catalog. We recommend using our Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping costs for any new products you create. 

    Credit agreements are available based on monthly order volume.  Please reach out to our billing team for questions or to receive a credit agreement application.

    Add team members & set roles


    Adding team members

    On the Team Settings page, you can easily invite new team members.

    • Add your team member's email address
    • Hit the Send Invites button 
    • The email address you enter will appear in the Pending Invitations section until your team member accepts it 

    settings- invite team members

    Setting roles


    While on the Team settings page, you can also customize the access levels for each member of your team by choosing one of the listed roles.

    All new users start with the full set of permissions when they register. To customize the role you'd like a specific team member to have, please scroll to the Your team section and define their access:

    settings- invite team members

     There are four available roles:

    • Admin: Grants read, view and edit access to all partner settings pages under 'Settings'
    • Customer Service: Grants read, view and edit access to the order listings, order details, add orders and coupons pages
    • Reporting: Grants read, view and edit access to the reports, dashboard, order listings, order details, and all coupons pages
    • Customer Service + Reporting: A combination of these two roles