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Using our WooCommerce integration

Connecting your WooCommerce store to Gooten is a quick and simple process.

Connect my store

Add products


Connect my store

Connecting your WooCommerce store to Gooten is a simple and quick process.

  • First, install the 'Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce' plug-in in the admin panel of your WordPress site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gooten-dropshipping-for-woocommerce/ This plugin must be installed for your shipping options and shipping charges to work correctly.
  • Install and activate the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin.
  • Log in to your Gooten account and go to the Product Hub, select the WooCommerce tab.
  • Enter your store URL (remove the https:// from the address) and click 'Connect'.
    The domain name you enter should match your site name exactly. You can update this in your settings here: https://wpengine.com/resources/change-domains-wordpress/. 

If your site redirects, for example, from `yourdomain.com` to `www.yourdomain.com`, you must use 'www.yourdomain.com` to connect successfully. If your store URL is www.yourdomain.com/shop you should connect using www.yourdomain.com.

  • The next page asks you to allow Gooten access to your site, select 'Approve'
  • Your store will connect and products currently listed in your store will appear.
  • Once you've connected your store you can publish products for sale.

Here is a brief video tutorial for connecting your WooCommerce store to Gooten: 

Add products

As with our other integrations, like Shopify and Etsy, there are two ways you can connect products to your store:  Create the product in Gooten HUB and publish it to your store   -or-  Create the product in your store and connect it to Gooten

Adding new products through Gooten HUB

  • Log in to your Gooten account, locate PRODUCT HUB on the left side of the dashboard, and select ADD NEW PRODUCT.


  • Pick the item you wish to design and upload your artwork to all available print areas

  • Select your store as the “Save to” destination and publish your product

  • If you don’t wish to publish your product right away you can simply save it to Storage for future use

Please see our video tutorial for creating products and publishing them in your WooCommerce store: 

Creating new products in your store and linking them to Gooten

  • To create new products in your store navigate to the Products tab and select 'Add new'

Screenshot at Feb 27 22-28-53

Steps you should follow while creating each new product:

  • Fill out the name field (description, category, and tags are optional)

  • Set product type to 'Variable product' - this step is required if you want to add variants to this product

Screenshot at Feb 27 22-31-18

Note that without adding attributes, you will not be able to add variations either. Attributes correspond to product options in the product Hub, and as such, vary depending on the selected product:

product options-1

  • Fill in the SKU and price for each variant. If these are left blank our system will populate this data automatically when you link the product, and you can make any necessary changes at that time

If you add SKUs to your products in WooCommerce please note that every product must have a unique SKU. For example, if you create 6 mug variants they will each need unique identifiers added to the SKU, like mug_beachtheme or mug_unicorn.

  • Save the product as Draft if you don’t wish to connect it right away, or Publish it right away

  • Sync your WooCommerce products to products in your Gooten account
    A video of adding the product in WooCommerce admin is available HERE.

Syncing the product

  • Go to your Gooten account and select the WooCommerce tab, then choose 'Sync Product'
  • Select an item from your website to connect to a Gooten product and click 'Connect'
  • Under 'Do you have this product saved to your Product Hub?' select NO
  • Search for and select the matching product, which links the product to your store
  • Upload your image files for this product, adjust the size as needed and select 'Continue'
  • Confirm the product mockup is correct and select 'Continue'
  • Under 'Save To' verify that your WooCommerce store name is selected
  • Fill in the product name, description, price, shipping, and product options. Select 'Save'
  • If you wish to publish the product preview to your site click the toggle button so the green check appears and select 'Save'.

A video of the syncing process in the Product hub can be found here: 

Gooten will not receive orders for products published on your WooCommerce site if the product is not linked to your Gooten account.


If you have difficulty connecting your stores or linking products,  it's likely that one of the following has occurred. 

  • Your site must be set up using HTTPS. Gooten cannot connect to a site using HTTP.

  • Make sure that you are using a hosting provider supported by Gooten. Our integration works well with SiteGround, Bluehost, DreamHost, Liquid Web, Kinsta, WP Engine. More about these provides can be found here.
  • Ensure that your SSL certificate is set up correctly.
  • The domain name you enter should match your site name exactly. You can update this in your settings here: https://wpengine.com/resources/change-domains-wordpress/. If your site redirects, for example, from `store.com` to `www.store.com`, you need to connect with `www.store.com`

  • We recommend leaving Shipping Rules in their default settings

  • Verify that Gooten-fulfilled products on your site are connected to published products in your Gooten account. We will not receive order notifications if products are not linked.

  • Ensure that each product has a distinct SKU name. Placing multiple products under the same SKU name will cause errors when orders are sent through.

  • This integration does not allow the use of subfolders when connecting your store. If your store URL is www.yourdomain.com/shop you must use www.yourdomain.com to connect your store.
  • Once you start receiving orders for Gooten-fulfilled products:
    • Check your orders page to ensure your store is connected properly and orders are flowing through.
    • Verify that shipping charges are correctly billed to your customers (Gooten’s shipping plugin is required)