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Gooten's Product Hub is the essential feature of our system to all of our partners who sell products via Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

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Product Hub page and tabs


There are five different tabs in our Product Hub: 

  • All includes the entirety of all the products you create, regardless of where they are saved -- in the Storage or any of your stores. 
  • Storage specifically contains products that are not saved to any Shopify, Etsy or WooCommerce stores. You can save your products to be purchased or published at a later date here.
  • Shopify is where your Shopify stores are saved and where your Shopify products live for each one of your stores. 
  • Etsy is where your Etsy stores are saved and where your Etsy products live for each one of your stores.
  • Woo is where your WooCommerce stores are saved and where your Woo products live for each one of your stores.

You can connect as many stores to one Gooten account as you wish, but each store can only be connected to a single Gooten account. Keep in mind that you need to use the appropriate tabs depending on which store you are connecting to Gooten. For example, and Etsy store can only be connected via the Etsy tab. To find out how to connect your store to Gooten, we recommend checking out our articles about Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce integrations. 

If you select any of your products by check-marking it, a toolbar with a number of the different options will appear above the products, depending on whether you saved the product to Storage or to any of your stores. 

1. Products saved to Storage can be used for placing orders, and you can also edit or delete them entirely. To find out how to use the Place an Order button, we recommend this article.

2. Products saved to your Store(s) will have a few additional options like View in Store and Publish or Unpublish, depending on the current status of the product:

- The Unpublish tool means that the product will be saved as a Draft in your store, but your customers will not be able to purchase it. If the product is Unpublished you can publish it easily, by clicking on Publish

- The View in Store will take you directly to this product in your online store, where you can review how customers see it.

- The Delete button will remove the product from the Product Hub and your stores.

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Add New Product Button


This feature is always available All and Storage tabs, but you will not see it in the Shopify, Etsy, and/or Woo tab is any of these stores wasn't connected to Gooten. The button will always lead to the Product Page, where you can select one of the many products from our offer or look up the product information that you can also find in our catalog

Once you decide which product you'd like to create click on "Pick it". This will take you to the SKU selection page where you can choose between product features such as model, size, color, print placement, or image orientation. The variety of these options depends on the selected product. You can always go back and select a different product from our offering before you proceed to the Design page. 

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One product can contain SKUs that belong to a single product category only.

Design page


The Design page is all yours, and you can customize the products however you wish. You can use our image editor to crop, resize, and position the images. It contains a brief guide about some basic image requirements, as well as the Print Area and Product view. Uploading images is easy via Bulk upload Artwork or the Upload button below each of the SKUs. 

The Print Area view shows the bleed and safe zones lines that will guide you while you're positioning your image, and the Product view will show you how the finished product will look. 

If you've selected more than one product variant (SKU) and you changed your mind, you can easily remove one or more by clicking on the Delete SKU option below each of the SKUs. 

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Multisided products (SKUs) require more than one image to be uploaded before you can proceed to the Mockup page. Some of the multisided products are flat and folded cards, throw pillows, garments with double-sided prints. 

To find out more about image requirements and how to create high-quality artwork, please visit this article. 


Product Mockups page


This page follows the Design page, and it's where you can see the product mockups (previews) of the products you've previously designed. 

Here you can change the background color for your previews so that it matches the theme of your store. You can also remove the mockups you do not want to be published in your store, or download them. 


If you need to make any changes, you can always go a step back and readjust the images or remove some of the SKUs. 


Save and Publish page


This is the final stage of creating a product. Once you're here, you need to either save the product to Storage or one or more of your stores. You can do it all at once, make sure to turn on the toggle buttons next to each of them!

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This page is also made for finishing touches. It allows changing the product name, changing the description, prices per SKU, and one of the more recent features we introduced allows duplicating the changes made to the product across multiple stores (as long as the product is published in those stores). And if you wish to make any additional change, touch up the images or mockups, you can still go back and not lose any progress you've made!

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