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WooCommerce: Troubleshooting Guide

A short guide to help troubleshoot common errors encountered when connecting a WooCommerce site.


Store connection issues

Description of the Problem Solution
Error Message: "An error occurred in the request and at the time we were unable to send the consumer data."

* Add the correct domain name -  use www.mywoostore.com instead of mywoostore.com

* If this error is received while trying to login (after your store is connected), try deactivating your plugins one at a time. Once you have logged in successfully, you can reactivate the plugins on your site.
*If the error appears while you're trying to connect the store, while in Gooten Product Hub, open the console (Right Click -> Inspect). If you're seeing Dev Tools failed to parse the source map error,  deactivate all plugins in your WooCommerce admin that can be deactivated, and then roll back to the previous version of the Woo-commerce plugin ( v. 3.9.3). After that, try connecting the store again.

SSL Exception

Error Message: "Received fatal alert: handshake_failure"

Contact your service provider's technical support to ensure the site’s SSL is set up correctly. 

Error Message: "woocommerce_rest_authentication_error"

Error Message:  "Invalid signature - provided signature does not match

Verify that the URL for your site does not redirect. If your store is located at www.mywoostore.com/shop you must use www.mywoostore.com when connecting your site.
Error Message: "Missing parameter app_name" 

The server hosting your WordPress and WooCommerce (likely an NGINX configuration) is ignoring query string variables. Contact your hosting company to have this issue resolved.


Shipping issues

Description of the Problem Solution
Some countries are unavailable in the shipping section.

This integration supports shipments to the following countries:

We will be expanding these shipping zones in the future. For now, orders shipping outside of this list may be placed through our Custom Order Form. 

Products fulfilled by Gooten and another POD provider are charged twice for shipping (4 shipping fees for 2 items).  This is a conflict of cart management plugins between your other POD providers and Gooten. To correct this, simply disable the Gooten shipping plugin when using multiple POD providers.
Error Message: "There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help"

Shipping zones and shipping methods are created when a store is connected, and a product is created. To correct this error, open the product in your WooCommerce Admin and under 'Shipping' locate the shipping class (Gooten-xxx). Go to 'Shipping Classes' in your WooCommerce Admin and delete that shipping class. Finally, recreate the same product via our portal, and it will push shipping costs for that product class to WooCommerce and apply them to each shipping zone.

Alternative Solution: For products with flat rate shipping, edit the shipping class by adding the formula for standard shipping: 

Shipping cost for 1 item + [(Quantity-1) * shipping cost for an additional item]

For example, if you sell 4 of the same product and the flat rate shipping charge is $4.50 for the first item, and $2.00 for each additional item, your total cost is: 

$4.50 + [(4 - 1) * $2.00] = $13.50

I’d like to provide free shipping only after spending a certain amount or by using a coupon code. Our integration does not provide free shipping or coupon options at this time. We recommend installing the discount/coupon code plugin of your choice to achieve this.


Missed fulfillment

Description of the Problem Solution

Orders are not syncing with Gooten

Error Message: " 'Phone' must be between 1 and 35 characters. You entered 0 characters."

The phone number is missing from your order. To correct this, go to your PayPal settings and select “Require Phone Number." 

*** Orders will not resubmit to Gooten once a phone number is added to the order in WooCommerce. Please submit this order through our Custom Order Form to prevent missed fulfillment.

Orders are delayed or not coming through

Verify that the payment for the order was processed. Orders with pending or failed payments will not be submitted to Gooten.


Our integration receives webhooks that are sent by your WooCommerce hosting service. The timing of these webhooks depends exclusively on your hosting provider. If you are experiencing delays with your successfully placed orders showing in your Gooten account, please contact your hosting company to request assistance.


Product Creation Issues

Description of the problem Solution

Error Message: "Your website is broken"

*** Usually occurs when syncing products with more than 20 SKUs.

Reach out to WooCommerce support and request they set up POST requests for API. 
A change in hosting companies caused the inability to add or change existing products Delete the products you are unable to edit and recreate them through the Gooten Product Hub.

Unable to connect products.

Error Message: "Something went wrong"

Your WooCommerce URL likely has a subfolder. Change your store name to one that does not use subfolders.